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Teamwork: Are You As Smart As The Average Goose?

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If You Don’t Do This, Your Business Is Likely to Fail

Running a business does not need to be difficult.  All businesses are basically the same, regardless of their size or what sort of products they offer.  We all live and die on the satisfaction and availability of our customers and if those customers are not being taken care of properly, you can watch your business slowly fade away in front of you.  As a matter of fact, taking care of your existing customers should be a priority for any business.

Bringing in new customers to a business is always a good idea but the process of doing so is costly and time-consuming.  Your existing customers have already demonstrated a willingness to spend money in your area and if you have been taking care of them they will return to buy again.  There are many businesses that spend a lot effort in order to pull new customers in through their door, and that is certainly important but some of that effort would be well spent in pulling their existing customers back in.  How can this be done?

The process of repeat sales begins before the first sale ever takes place.  Taking care of a potential customer in the right way will leave them with a good feeling. In the same respect, making sure that you handled the initial sale properly will let them know that you will handle any additional sales in the same manner.  Treat every potential new customer as if they will be a lifelong client and you will see your customer base grow as a result.

If an existing customer returns to purchase again, make sure that you acknowledge this in some way or another.  You can either do so whenever the second purchase takes place or if it is discovered later that they were a previous customer, make sure that you acknowledge this in some way or another. It is likewise important to recognize anyone who has been purchasing from you for an extended period of time.  A little bit of acknowledgment will go a long way with this type of customer.

Never be satisfied with how good the relationship is between you and your existing clients.  Always strive to take that relationship to a higher level.  Not only will this produce repeat sales, it will encourage word-of-mouth marketing which is sure to pull in new prospects through your door on a regular basis.

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